What to Keep Around when Owning a Pet!

In Health Tips on February 13, 2013 at 1:02 am

As a first time pet owner figuring out what to do can be difficult. How much do I feed? How often? When? These are questions that as time goes on you become better and better at.  But what happens when your dog or cat eats something they aren’t supposed to? What happens when they get a cut on their paw? Or when they get something in their eye?

Like humans, animals also need a first aid kit. Puppies are like children, they get into EVERYTHING! The good thing, is as a pet owner there are things you can have on hand to prevent the worst. Or even, to keep the cut as clean as you can until you get to your Veterinarian. My first blog post is give dog and cat owners an idea of things to have on hand.

Many pet stores provide first aid kits all packaged and ready to go. But you might not always use the products before they expire. They provide items such as doggy aspirin for when your dog is in pain. The fact is, aspirin that we take as humans is the exact same thing! So why purchase a bottle just for your pet?

Other products that are time sensitive are antibacterial sprays, hot spot sprays, hydrocortisone creams, or other products with an expiration date. My thought is purchase them when you need them. No need to buy a whole kit that include it just to prepare yourself. A small cut can wait a few hours before spraying on an antibacterial product.

Here are a few items you should keep on hand. Quick stop powder (stops the nail from bleeding). Another household item you could use is baking powder. It works almost as well! Having bandage supplies is also important. If your dog or cat comes home with a bleeding wound, you will want to lightly wrap the area with a clean towel and bandage supplies to keep the wound clean until a Vet can assess it. Never use hydrogen peroxide on a wound…OUCH! If your pet will tolerate it, try just warm water, fragrance-free soap (small amount), and a washcloth. If the wound is large, just go to your vet.

Having a thermometer and lube is another product to keep around, for your pet only of course. If your animal is ever feeling off, take their temp. Normal temps for both cats and dogs is between 100.5-102.5. Keep eye wash around, in case there is ever something in their eye.

Most importantly to keep around, or have a store close by, is fresh hydrogen peroxide. If you see your pet eat something toxic, time is everything! By having hydrogen peroxide available, you can quickly give it and make your animal vomit the toxic substance up.

These are just a few products. Along with almost every blog I post will come more ideas and products to at least think about. I will also go into how these products can help! Look for more blog posts to come!

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