Electrical Chords, Household Hazards

In Health Tips on February 22, 2013 at 5:45 pm

ImageAlright, so we look at our home as a safe place. It is a place where we can come home and relax and feel comfortable. The thing is, it’s not always safe for our pets.

There are a number of items around the house you should be careful about. The most important thing, especially if your pet is a chewer, is an electrical outlet! These things are nasty for animals. I have a seen a number of animals come in on emergency because they decided chewing an electrical outlet or chord was a great idea. It’s not!

The reason I bring this up is because my cat is a chewer when he thinks he deserves attention or food. As many cat owners I tried to not give into his game, I tried to not let him win and ‘train’ me. But, as soon as he began chewing on electrical chords for attention instead of other things I caved. He now has me trained. I mean look at that face!

The reason this is such a scary thing is because if your pet chews enough of the chord, your pet could get an electrical shock, otherwise known as electrocution. The worst part is, it’s in his/her mouth. The mouth is a hard area to treat on emergency. There are generally burns in and around the mouth; as well as damage other areas like the eyes and nose. The electrical shock could even increase the animal’s blood pressure causing more long-term problems. In severe cases, stopping the heart.

If this happens to your animal, take him/her into your vet. Your pet deserves to as least be checked over. There could be damage that goes unnoticed. Your vet can check your pet’s mouth and heart.

If your animal does chew on chords you need to do your best to hide and protect the chords from the chewer! You can go to almost any hardware store and purchase plastic casings for the chords to prevent an electrocution.

As for my cat, I make sure he is fed on time (yes, I use an automatic feeder since he thinks 4am is breakfast time), I also make sure that when he’s striving for attention I give him something to do. Catnip works wonders. For dogs try a Kong with peanut butter. Trust me, anything is better than electrocuting your pet!

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