So Your Dog Ate a Sock

In Health Tips on March 24, 2013 at 5:40 pm

photo copySome dogs are known to eat almost anything that passes by their mouth. Anything from rocks to socks. Some of those dogs are just fine, they eat the sock and sometime within the next week that sock is no longer in their system. The problem with dogs eating socks among other foreign objects is that they sometimes do not pass. When this happens surgery is the only option. Foreign bodies can be tricky.

Symptoms your dog ate something unusual:

Unless you physically see your dog eat something they are not supposed to, you won’t know until it becomes a problem. Most pets do fine the first day or two with the object in their system, until whatever they ate becomes stuck. Since objects like socks take a long time to digest, it can become stuck in your pet’s stomach or intestines causing a blockage. This blockage makes it difficult for food and water to pass through. When this happens animals usually begin to vomit anything they eat or drink. They become lethargic and dehydrated. When your pet is unable to keep anything down—food or water—there is a chance you have a foreign body on your hands.

What to do:

If you have a known eater of foreign objects, and they begin vomiting after consuming anything, get them to the vet. While there, your vet will start by taking x-rays of your pet’s digestive system. With the x-ray, vets can see most objects and see if it is causing a blockage. Many times the x-ray itself is not enough. At that point your vet will recommend further diagnostics prior to surgery or, if they are feeling sure that something is in there, they will go straight to surgery.

Surgery to remove foreign objects generally is safe as long as you have a healthy pet to begin with. There are always anesthesia risks, but your vet will talk to you about those.

Now, if you physically saw your pet eat something like a sock, I would recommend making them vomit whatever it is they ate right away. If you are comfortable doing this yourself, and your pet has no medical issues, you can give your dog fresh hydrogen peroxide (old won’t do anything). You can start by giving your dog one teaspoon for every ten pounds. Some dogs will take just the hydrogen peroxide; others need it mixed with something like peanut butter.

After giving the hydrogen peroxide, wait at least 15 minutes. If your dog has not vomited give another dosing. If your pet still has not vomited within 15 more minutes take him/her straight to your vet. They have other medications to use to get your pet to vomit. The reason you want to make them vomit right away is to get it out before the object reaches the intestines.

How to stop them from eating things:

Stopping your pet from eating random objects can be difficult. You can try training them to stop, specifically if they are interested in one particular object. Many dogs will only consume socks, therefore I recommend making sure all socks are picked up and out of reach. Other dogs like to eat rocks. They can be difficult especially when your dog is let loose outside. As a last resort, especially if your dog has had a number of foreign bodies, would be to keep a basket muzzle on your dog. These are not tight around the mouth, your pet can still open its mouth, they just can’t get ahold of anything. This is not a bad thing to try, trust me, its worth trying a basket muzzle over surgically removing something.

What has your pet consumed? How did you know?

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  1. My brother and sister in law had a mini schnauzer. One day, my SIL was on the phone with her sister. Sister asked if SIL was done with a pair of earrings she’d borrowed. SIL said she’d go look for them. As if on cue, the dog walked in and ralphed up one of the earrings. He was taken for x-rays and they found the other one floating in his stomach. They were able to get him to spit it up, too.

    For some reason, Sister told them they could keep the earrings. 😉

  2. My 7 month old doberman swallowed a small stuffed animal toy. This happened 2 days ago, he hasn’t vomited or passed it, should I take him to the vet? He is eating and acting normal. He did have a lil bit of diarrhea yesterday.

  3. Fresh hydrogen peroxide really worked. Not even the whole dose, and 2 mins after, the sock came right up. I was relived! Lesson learned! Never leave my socks around or my poodle will just eats them.

  4. THIS TOTALLY WORKS. I saw this post and called my emergency vet at 5:00 in the morning and she said hydrogen peroxide was a completely safe home remedy to induce vomiting. My 4 month old bull mastiff puppy swallow two adult sized socks. I ran to the store as fast as I could to get the hydrogen peroxide and we gave her 4 teaspoons with a dropper so I could shoot it straight down her throat. Within 2 minutes both socks came up very easily and within 5 minutes she was completely back to normal and was done vomiting. My husband was skeptical at first to try this but after I confirmed with the vet that this was safe to try he said ok. Once the socks came up he was hugging me and thanking me for finding this article. Thank you so much for writing about this remedy and saving me from worry.

  5. Our 4 months old Lab named Mamba swallowed a small sock, as we read your article we give her a spoon of hydrogen peroxide immediately, my wife just open her mouth and I fed her the liquid. Then we gave her another spoonful of Olive oil. As there is no reaction from her to vomit. We are getting worried and I remember how she hates riding the car, so we decided to give her a night ride. We turn on every corner, and within 15 minutes she went to the back of the car and vomits. Then the sock came with it. We are very relieved and thankful to God that she will not undergo a surgery. Thank you Lauren’

  6. My wife saw my dog grab a sock but couldn’t get it away from her before she swallowed it. She might have passed it on her own but we didn’t want to take any chances. I came home from work and used a medicine dropper to give her a total of 6 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide. She weighs about 70 lbs.

    After giving her the peroxide, I took her for a walk and after about 5 or so minutes she vomited up the whole sock.

    She is is now laying here (probably with an upset stomach) sock free. I’m sure she won’t feel great but I sure feel a lot better!!

  7. My dog has swallowed a sock he is a boer boil and a male he has swallowed a egg which was inside a sock ! I am worried he has been acting normal lately but it is only the second day. Any recommendations of what to do

  8. Thank you! Thank you!
    My dog was playing tug of war with my other dog, after she won she ate the dog toy. It was about half the size of a sock. Call our vet and got worst case scenario: X-rays, surgery, ect. We did the Hydrogen peroxide thing up it came in less then five minutes. NO MORE CLOTH DOG TOYS!!
    THANK YOU!!!

  9. My 3 month old Shepard mix swallowed a sock. Gave her the hydrogen peroxide and in just a short minute or two it came right back up! Saved us from going to the emergency vet in a snowstorm.

  10. My 4 mth old English bulldog swollowed my daughter sock after reading this article I have him fresh hydrogen peroxide 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds and 3 min later he threw it up. Thank God! And thanks for this article and this thread it really works saved me and expensive vet bill.

  11. THIS WORKED!! My 8 month old Great Dane swallowed a sock this morning right in front of me. We immediately looked online and I found your post. We then rushed to a drug store and bought some hydrogen peroxide, we gave her about 6 teaspoons and within 5 minutes she gave up the sock. She’s all good now and is back to herself. Thanks Lauren!!

  12. I found your article while in a panic; after my dog ate a sock. We had just moved and hadn’t established a vet in our new area. Your article was so helpful that it helped me calm down. You stayed on topic and informative without down playing the potential seriousness of the situation without instilling fear. We followed your instructions. We had to do two rounds of the hydrogen peroxide. It worked. However, we were disappointed yet pleased as we found other objects we weren’t aware she had eaten. Thank you.

    • My 14 week old puppy swallowed a sock of mine this morning. Read the article and did this. It worked like a charm. The first time he threw up was just dog food about a half hour after I gave him the hydrogen peroxide. The second time he threw up up came the sock, I did have to pull it out of his mouth. He is a happy puppy now, from start to finish took about an hour.

  13. My dog ate a sock im very concerned .

  14. My67lb English lab is7 months old and has thrown up at least 6 of my sons socks.. My puppy isn’t allowed in my sons son let’s him in sometimes but says he never sees the puppy eat anything. My son is 20yrs old but obviously he’s not watching the puppy like he should. I told my son how serious this is but i don’t think he gets it.. How long does it take for a puppy to vomit after swallowing a sock? He swallows them whole.. Should i bring him to the vet? He seems fine after vomiting and i never see signs of him looking like he swallowed something until he throws it up.. Not sure what to do!!

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