Introducing New Pets

In Health Tips on April 5, 2013 at 9:11 am

IMG_4792So you have decided to adopt another pet. Have you considered how your current animals are going to take the new addition to the family. Not only does this mean sharing space with a soon to be brother or sister, but this also means sharing your attention. It’s exciting to bring home a new pet, you want them to feel comfortable, you want them to feel at home and welcome. But, you should also make sure your current pet(s) feel the same way.

The First Day:

Before bringing home the new addition prepare your home. Make sure there is a separate room you can leave your new animal. Many times something like a bathroom or bedroom is a good start. You want to start off small and work your way into introducing the new animal to the rest of the house.

If you get another cat, you should automatically bring in a new litter box. A house should always have one litter box per cat to prevent “accidents” from occurring  Make sure the room has that new litter box and water available to the new cat. If you are getting a new dog, make sure there is a bed and fresh water in the chosen room.

Once home, do not just put the new animal in with the current animal(s). Place the new pet immediately in the separated room. Spend some time with the animal, show it where the water and litter box is located. Comfort them. Your current animal is going to wonder what’s going on. So, after about 10-15 minutes go sit with your current animal(s). They know there is a new pet in the other room. They need to time smell the new animal before introducing them.

The Second Day:

If you are able to make it a full day separated, it’s time to introduce them. This seems ridiculous to wait a full day, but this should be a slow process. When introducing them bring your new pet into the room your current animal is in. Let them smell each other, just see how it goes. If fighting occurs be careful, but separate them.

Let this introduction last as long as you are in the house and as long as your pets are getting along.

The First Week:

Over the course of the first week keep the pets separated when no one is home. Even if your pets seem to be getting along when you are there, they might take it out on each other when you’re gone. This could mean coming home to a bloody mess.

After the week of separation goes by and there haven’t been any encounters, try to leave them home alone together. For the first time make sure you are gone for only a couple of hours, not a full work day because if there is a problem it could be 8 hours before you are even aware.

If the few hours go well, try it again for a longer period of time. Make these periods of time longer and longer until you get to a full work day. At this point you should hopefully be in the clear!

Are you looking to get a new pet? Have you thought about how you are going to introduce them?

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