Hot Spots-A Dog’s Worst Friend

In Health Tips on May 23, 2013 at 12:24 pm

dogWith all of the fluctuations in Wisconsin’s weather I want to talk about a common infection, Hot Spots! A hot spot is basically a warm, painful, swollen patch of skin which the hair has become moist and the dead hair has becomes trapped. This usually happens is dog breed with long hair, Golden’s, Newfoundland’s, Great Pyrenees.


Hot spots can be extremely painful to the touch. Many pets won’t let you anywhere near the area. Because of this it makes it very hard to treat at home. Many dogs need sedation to take care of the issue.

The first step is to clip away all the hair around the area, the area needs to breath! Then cleanse the area with dilute betadine or chlorehex solutions and allow the area to dry.

The final step is to treat the area with an antibacterial steroid cream or powder.

If your dog is likely to scratch at the area use an e-collar to prevent this. Sometimes a corticosteroid will be given to prevent itching.


If your longhaired dog enjoys baths or swimming makes sure s/he is fully dried afterwards. This will help prevent the dead hair to become moist and trapped causing the infection!

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